Beautiful Hairstyles for school and Very Cute Hair Styles

Published: 13th April 2010
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High school students tend to exhibit the widest range of hair styles based on what they will be doing each day. Students with gym classes or after school sports will need styles that are quick and easy to manage or that can easily be converted into no-nonsense looks for athletic participation. Many high school students are also interested in fast hair styles that may let them sleep in a bit longer each day, especially if they work after school jobs that may keep them up late. Students involved in lab science classes such as chemistry, physics, or biology will need hair styles that can be safely worn around chemicals, flames, and other laboratory equipment.

Longer back to school hairstyles for teenage girls include long pin straight hair, also known as sedu, long loose waves, especially with the hair pushed back behind the ear, and ponytails for ease of use. These longer hairstyles can feature bangs, long layers or be blunt cut to all one length. Long, one-length hair for boys is currently out of style, but longer hairstyles with layers for boys are appropriate and acceptable.Back to school hair . . . have you thought about what to do with your hair? Maybe you haven't but as your on-line dresser, I've been thinking of you - and what you will be up against.

Back to school hair means you will less time each morning to fuss over hair styling. You'll need quick easy, no fuss hairstyle that hopefully will look great and be flattering.Keep it simple-Your hairstyle should work with your hair type not against it . . . end the battles and go with the natural grain of your hair.

Curly Hairstyles
Once you learn how to treat curly hair, styling can be quite simple. You may have to style it the night before if you don't have time to let it dry after a shampoo in the morning. After shampooing and conditioning curly hair, the best way to dry it is to let it air dry. If you need to speed up drying time, use low heat on a diffuser dryer. Diffused heat won't create the frizz that direct, high heat will.
Once curls are set, leave them alone. Do not comb or brush; that creates frizz. Let them cascade down your back or take a front section and pin in back if you want to keep hair out of your face.

Long Hair
Long hair is a very stylish and youthful choice. If you have extremely long hair it is best to get layers cut into it to keep it from becoming to lifeless.  With moderate layers throughout you will ensure your hair always looks full. There are quite a few options to consider when you have long layered hair but most take a bit of time and effort. One easy style is the low double ponytail. Part your hair in the middle and comb it smooth to either side just below the ear. 

Pull hair into a ponytail and brush ends. This shows off your hair while keeping it manageable.

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