How to get rid of a Flaky / Itchy Scalp and Effective Home Remedies

Published: 16th April 2010
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Flaky or itchy scalp produce tiny, white pieces of dead skin that flake off the scalp and are usually first noticed on the shoulders.

This condition can often be puzzled with Flaky / Itchy Scalp but the two are not related. Sometimes the scalp is red or itchy and feels tense. The hair has a dull appearance.

Causes of Flaky / Itchy Scalp

Itchy flaky Scalp - Nearly every woman on the planet takes pride in her hair and why wouldn`t she, when her hair and maybe style represents everything about that particular woman in general.

Many women have admitted to being vastly aware about their hair than that of wrinkles, varicose veins and puffy eyes etc.

The unfortunate woman, who find that every day is a bad hair day for her and, no matter what she does it still looks dull, drab and limp, feels like it`s the end of the world.

Symptoms of Flaky / Itchy Scalp

Dead Skin

1. People with flaky, itchy scalp will notice dead skin cell on the scalp that look like white or gray flakes.

Some populace may misdiagnosis the flakes as Flaky / Itchy Scalp, but they tend to be larger than usual Flaky / Itchy Scalp flakes.

Red Scalp

2. With flaky, itchy scalp, the scalp can become red and aggravated. Pain may or may not be associated with a swollen, red scalp.

Itchy Scalp

3. As indicated in the name, flaky, itchy scalp is accompany by an itchy feeling. Avoid scratching, as this can worsen the condition.

Tense Scalp

4. The scalp can become tight and tense. You may knowledge the feeling that all the blood is speeding up to your head.

Treatment of Flaky / Itchy Scalp

Dry scalp problems are on a whole knowledgeable by those who have dry skin. Itchy scalp and Flaky / Itchy Scalp are the most clear problems linked with immoderate dehydration of scalp.

Additional deterioration of this medical difficulty results in irritation and sores of the scalp and lesions...

If not attended to properly, then these can break out into hugely worse situations that could demand long-lengthy medications

The dryness is caused by the strip of nature's oils from our body. A number of causes contribute to this, some of which are:

Industrial fumes Car exhaust emission Hard domestic water Toxins in Cosmetics / soaps Bad eating habits

Home Remedies for Flaky / Itchy Scalp

Hot steam bath is very much beneficial for the hair and scalp. Massage hot oil and wrap a hot damp towel on the head for few minutes.

Immerse peels of lemon in coconut oil for 8-10 days in sunshine. Now sieve and apply on the hair. Hair will become Flaky / Itchy Scalp free.

Hot oil therapy is the best technique to cure Flaky / Itchy Scalp. Massage hot oil into the scalp at bedtime.

Next morning an hour previous to the bath, rub lemon juice mixed with cosmetic vinegar into the scalp with cotton wool.

Wash your hair correctly and as a last rinse use the juice of one lemon in a cup of hot water. Continue this conduct once or twice a week for three months.

Mix two tablespoons of cosmetic vinegar and six tablespoons of hot water. Dab this with cotton on the scalp and leave it while sleeping.

Next morning wash the hair with a shampoo. - Home Remedy for Flaky / Itchy Scalp

Mix beetroot juice in vinegar and be relevant on the scalp. Ginger juice and beetroot juice mixed together and applied on the scalp are also helpful.

The juice of snake gourd is helpfulin the avoidance and Flaky / Itchy Scalp treatment. The juice should be rub over the scalp for this purpose.

Mix 2 tablespoons of fresh apple juice to 2 tablespoons of warm water, apply on hair, rub, leave for 10-15 minutes and then rinse. Do again this process 2-3 times a week to get rid of Flaky / Itchy Scalp.

This Flaky / Itchy Scalp remedy is helpful natural remedy for Flaky / Itchy Scalp.

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