How to Long Hair and Natural Long Hair Care Tips

Published: 15th March 2011
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Growing long, beautiful and healthy hair is not an extremely difficult process. It does not require a multitude of salon hair products, handfuls of expensive vitamins, nor any sort of sacrifice to the long hair gods.

What it does take is common sense, dedication, and a lot of patience. Indeed, growing long hair is actually more a question of what you shouldn't do rather than what you should!

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If you make the commitment to closely follow the twenty steps below, not only will you grow long hair but your hair will be in beautiful condition throughout the process.

This indepth guide was written specifically for the person who wants to grow extremely long hair - waist, hip, knee-length or even longer, but it will benefit anyone who is seeking longer locks; however, if you are looking for something more concise, you might want to check out our Top 10 Tips for Healthy Hair.

Long hair isn't for everyone. Short on patience in the morning? If you're not up for spending extra time washing, conditioning, blow-drying and styling your hair, stick with above-the-shoulder locks.

While ponytails are always an adorable option, long hair can also be a drag for girls who play lots of sports. Long hair looks best on girls with oval faces. Square and round face shapes can also pull off long hair just be sure to add layers to break up the lines. Girls with long and heart-shaped faces look best with shoulder-length hair.

Long Hair Care Tips

Avoid sleeping with tightly braided hair or hair in a tight ponytail. The stress can cause breakage and/or hair loss.

When your hair is braided, make sure that it is not too tight or it could cause breakage and/or hair loss.

If your hair is braided or you have a ponytail, use a specially treated band or scrunchie which will prevent breakage of your hair, limit your use of clips, bows, and untreated bands.

Even if you plan on growing your hair out further you should trim your hair once every 3 months, if not split ends will cause your hair to break off and your hair will begin to lose it's beauty, if you plan on just maintaining your length, a trim once every month and a half to two months should suffice.

Don't use a brush to detangle your hair, this will stretch your hair and may cause your hair to break off. Instead use your fingers, a pick, or a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair.

When detangling your hair work your way from the tips of your hair up to the hair roots. Work on detangling one section of your hair at a time and go in a downward direction.

Home Remedies for Long Hair

1. First of all, it is very important for you to make sure that the hair cut that you choose for your long hair suits your facial features. The face shape of one woman may differ from that of the other.

2. Layers in long hair really look great and suit almost all face shapes. Great level of movement and bounce is added to the hair with the help of layered hair cut. This hair style really looks graceful and elegant, and helps in augmenting the personality of a woman.

3. Straight hair cut is also a very good option for women with long hair. Sleek look of the hair would be attained with the help of straight hair cut.

4. You can also go for wavy hair style in long hair. Cutting the long hair in the form of waves is a very good way to augment the beauty of long hair. Long and cascading waves really look wonderful, thus helping to enhance the beauty of hair.

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