Wild Hairstyles and Attractive Wild Hairstyles on Men and Women

Published: 30th April 2010
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Wild hairstyles are often ways for us to just let go all the pressure and just let loose everything including our hairstyle.

Wild hairstyles still let us make a statement about how great our hair is even if we do change it up.

There are too many ways to make your hairstyle wild from adding together curls, waves, loops, coloring, and many other technique.

For most people, there is more than enough variety to be found in hairstyles by combining natural colors with classic and esthetic cuts.

But some people want hair that makes a ultimate statement about their personality.

There's no truth to the often-asserted idea that populace who want wild hairstyles and haircolors are more creative.

And showing a bold look to the earth at large isn't always a statement of rebellion against the mainstream.

List of Wild Hairstyles

Wild updos - the unruliness here comes from building updos that are out of this world, from big ones to highly intricate ones, wild updo hairstyles can be worn to many formal occasions

Wild wavy or curly hairstyles - here hair is somewhat wavy or curly and either flwoing in many directions or tucked in towards the back while presentation a lot of the wavy strands

The wild, messy hairstyles - here the trick is to have hair that seems to be in a mess yet is still shining and gorgeous even though it is just smooth in every direction

The sweep - this wild hairdo consist of sections of hair gelled and sweeped in different arrangements.

Style Hair Steps

1. A small amount of moisturizer can be worked all through freshly washed and towel dried tresses. This is an necessary step when dealing with curly African American locks.

2. Sculpture lotion will now be utilized to allow your curls to take on a spectacular form.

3. Comb your locks into the place that you desire.

4. Bend at the waist and dry your hair upside down with a diffuser add-on.

5. Use the tail end of your comb; start at the middle of your right eye and work back to create a right part.

6. Place a dash of gel on the ends of your locks and crumple lightly with your fingertips.

7. A generous misting of hair spray for hold finishes off this funky hairstyle.

Wild Styles on Men and Women

The only divergence in men's and women's wild or 'punk' hairstyles is usually the length of the hair - with men's hair tending to be shorter on the whole.

There's a wide variety of products obtainable that can give you literally any color of hair found in the rainbow. I recently had a male client who wanted wide, bright green stripes along the temples.

I cut his hair super-short at the bottom hairline, narrowing out to about 1 inch at the temple and left about 3 inches on top, which were razored for a choppy effect.

I lightened to the two swaths on the side to about level 8 then applied a Kelly green haircolor.

I personally found the effect strange, but he was excited with the result, and I got several calls from friends and co-workers of his (who wanted less unusual styles).

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